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Almond milk Mohair petit cardigan Black Terracotta
Mohair petit cardigan
Regular price 3 399 NOK
  • +3
Merino petit cardigan Merino petit cardigan Merino petit cardigan Merino petit cardigan
Merino petit cardigan
Minimum price 1 499 kr Maximum price 2 999 kr
Indigo blue Cashmohair petit cardigan Dark blue Off white
Cashmohair petit cardigan
Minimum price 1 699 kr Maximum price 3 399 kr
  • +1
Taupe Taupe
Sold out
Mohair sleeves
Regular price 2 999 NOK
Merino demi shawl cardigan Black Tobacco
Merino demi shawl cardigan
Minimum price 3 099 kr Maximum price 4 599 kr
Black Black Black
Mohair demi shawl cardigan
Regular price 4 499 NOK
Mohair petit cardigan
Sold out
Mohair petit cardigan
Regular price 3 399 kr Sale price 1 699 NOK


Cathrine Hammel creates quality garments for people who want to make more conscious consumer choices. With the aim of building a wardrobe that transcends trends and lasts, the brand has established itself as a direct contrast to fast fashion.

In recent years, the company has made a choice to have fewer collections, use fewer fabric qualities, and collaborate with a select number of suppliers. We see this as necessary to gain better control over the production chain and meet our own requirements for sustainable clothing production.

A long-term and positive relationship with our chosen suppliers is essential to maintain good quality, responsibility, and traceability. 90 percent of our suppliers have been with us since the beginning in 1997, so these are individuals we have great trust and respect for.